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Select the Device you'd like to Data Recovery / Migration

Data Recovery / Migration Services

Apple Mac Recovery

Phone Recovery

iPad-Tablet Recovery

Laptop Recovery

Data Migration

HDD Recovery

SSD Recovery

External Disk Recovery

USB Drive Recovery

SD Card Recovery

Backup & Restoration

Data Destruction

We're Professional Certified & Verified Technicians

Fire/ Water/ Mechanical damage/ Deleted by mistake

AHas the device failed for no reason ? We can recover data from your mobile phone, laptop or external drive.Damaged by fire, liquid or run over by bus ? We always do the diagnostics first to prepare for the best option of actions.Our technicians are waiting for difficult cases..

Software failure

Has the system crashed leaving you without the access to your files ? We can help you to recover your Recover Photos, Videos, Documents and Other Data from Hard Drive  and fix the software.If we cannot help, our repair partners will!e.

Qiuike- Reliable- Qualified Service

We know how important your device to you. We try our best to make it easier and faster. Our low price ensures that we always offer the best price to our customer.  Book a time and come to our store. Our experience technician be able to can fix it.



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Switching from

iOS to Android /  iOS to iOS.

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Switching from

Android to iOS /  Android to Android.

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