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iMac- All in One Desktop


We recycle all types of devices including batteries & chargers.


Recycle the right way

Recycling has become an important and accepted part of modern life as consumers, and we all understand that the earth has finite resources, and the precious will run out if we continue to live beyond our planet’s means.


Save the planet

Recovering valuable resources from your old mobiles and accessories to be used again.” when a Device is recycled, over 95% of the materials in it are recovered.


Type of recycle waste

Every device recycled will support to UK’s environment's important work. All brands and types of devices, plus their batteries, chargers, and accessories, are accepted and then recycled safely and sustainably.


Use it or recycle it

We estimate that most UK households have at least two old devices that are no longer in use.  With an estimated 56 million stored across the country, now is the time to take action, time to use them or recycle them.

The three options below to send Us your devices

Find a drop off points

Do some good with your old device Recycle instoreThere are free drop-off locations throughout the UK. You may drop off your device for recycling at our locations in Newmarket & Cirencester.

Free Mailing options / Pick it up

The two options are free and will be paid by irepair centre. 1-Use your own packaging and attach our prepaid Mailing label. 2-Schedule pick up as per your convenient date and time slot and our Executive Will Do pickup.

No misuse of data or device, 100% destroyed

At pickup time we will ensure right before your eyes that all your data is wiped. You can be sure that your device will be processed securely and that you give into your device in safe hands!.




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Join recycling program

We partner with retailers, repair stores, councils, schools and workplaces across uk.

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become a registered collection partner

We provide free collection units that can be used to promote non-used and dead-device recycling to your organization and customers.

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